Jakkalsputz is a campsite between Henties bay and Swakopmund in Namibia. There is nothing but the sun and the sea and a few fishermen. I’ve had the privilege to visit Jakkalsputz quite a few times and with good reason. You are woken up by the sea (and sometimes the wind) in Jakkalsputz. When you look out of your tent you see the sea! And it is not more than a few hundred meters away. The long road from South Africa on the Trans Kalahari is forgotten. The heat of Windhoek and Keetmanshoop behind you. Did you really see so many donkeys in Botswana? All you can see now is the sea in front of you, the desert behind you and the blue sky above you!

After breakfast it is time for a stroll along the beach. You greet the fishermen and early morning a Strandwolf or Jackal. A fisherman tells you about a big snoek that he caught at Sarah se gat yesterday.  It’s time to head back to your campsite to look at the wonderful ocean…I you look closely you cam see Rio de Janero on the other side 😉 (Rio and Hentiesbay/Jakkalsputz are opposite each other on a map)

When you visit Jakkalsputz expect the following:

  • peace and quiet (except for the generators for a few hours per day)
  • great opportunities for fishing
  • friendly neighbours

There is no fresh water or electricity (or flushing toilets for that matter) so this is not a place to go if you are looking for luxury. If you are looking for quiet nights where the desert and the sea meet…this is the place to go.  

Unfortunately I have read recently (2014) in Die Republikein that a lot of the facilities at Jakkalsputz have deteriorated. This really saddens me a lot. Hopefully they can sort the problem out soon because this is a real gem. Read the article here. I am happy that I had the chance to visit this Oasis.

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