Heritage Day 2014

Heritage day se celebrated in South Africa every year. Some people call it Braai day. I saw a lot of controversial discussions on Twitter and other social media regarding this issue. Some people seems to be offended  about the fact that some people call it Braai day, they seem to think that it takes something away from Heritage day. I thought about this and here is my response. I’m giving MY opinion on why I support both.

South Africa has many different cultures and it is very diverse. I teach children that speak (among others)  the following languages at home: Zulu, Xhosa, Afrikaans, Tswana, Pedi, Shona, English. How do you celebrate everyone’s heritage at once and give everyone ample opportunity to display their rich culture. One thing we have in common is that all of us have to eat and most of us like to cook outside on the fire. Some of us call this event  Chesa Nyama and others calls it Braai.  It creates opportunity to talk around a fire about what is important to me and what I can learn from your culture? I That is why I support both. I see nothing wrong with attending a cultural celebration (where everyone gets a chance to display something about their culture) and having a Chesa Nyama afterwards.  Maybe we should stop calling it Braai day and then start calling it Chesa Nyama day and then alternate every year. Yesterday was Braai day and next year we will have Chesa Nyama day. Maybe this way everyone will be happy?

I am so lucky to live in South Africa and be part of this diverse melting pot of cultures! I am positive about our country and it’s future and am happy that we can celebrate our heritage.

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