Meat used to be abundant in Africa. The men and children worked hard so cholesterol was not really a factor.
A traditional meal would be meat, rice, potatoes and 2 vegetables.

In the coastal areas it would be mainly fish or chicken. Where there were cattle farming it would usually be lamb. On game farms or when they were on trek mainly venison. Wors were also made. The people also enjoyed biltong.

Fish were baked or used in a casserole. Fishcakes or Fishbobotie or Fishpies were made and a lot of fish were canned with or without curry.

Fish were packed in salt and then dried. These were called bokkoms.

Spices used to prepare fish dishes were currypowder, salt, corriander, chilly, onions, ginger, garlic, pepper, tumeric, lemon.

On cattlefarms everything of the animal was used. Offal were a delicatessen for some. Cold ox tongue, steaks, oxtailsoup, etc. Leg of lamb was roasted on  Sundays.

The meat was mainly minced and wors was made. Pies, frikadelle (meatballs) and meatloaf were popular.

Casseroles were made when they had a permanent house and potjiekos while on trek. They had only the one pot and everything was cooked in it at the same time.

When pigs were available it was used as other meat but the skin was minced and fried in a pot over slow heat. The fat fried out and the kaiings was left over. This was a delicatessen and used over mealieporridge (pap)  or as a smear with butter on bread.

If you want more information or a recipe please ask because the subject is so vast.

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