What my friend from India thinks about South Africa

I’m reposting this post from 2014 on the new domain. A blogger friend of mine, Vasantha Vivek,  gave me her opinion on her experiences when visiting South Africa. She is from India. Please visit her blog you can find it here.  I hope you enjoy reading her viewpoints. 

Question: Why did you decide to come to South Africa?Answer: To spend the vacation with my hubby, to enjoy the beauty of nature, to have exciting & adventurous trips. 

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Question: Did you do any research online about South Africa and what where your challenges?What information was hard to find?Answer: No, we had collected quite useful information from our friends there and from Internet also. Question: What places did you visit in South Africa? Aggeneysm Springbok, Cape Town, Johannesburg. Durban, Kimberely … Question What was a highlight on your trip?Enjoying wild nature, Zapped by the love of south Africans, Cruise Ride, Helicopter Ride, Visiting Lion’s Park and the list continues … Question: What was a disappointment? Not so much choices for Veggies in the restaurants Question: How would you describe the food in South Africa? Mild and tasty … Question: Was is easy to exchange foreign currency?Yes, no problem Question: Name 5 places in South Africa that you would recommend visitors to South Africa should see.Table mountain, Cape Town, Kalagadi National Park, Lions Park & Crocodile Park, Johannesburg, Big Hole, Kimberely, Cape of Good Hope. Question: Any advice to future visitors to South Africa? Enjoy the nature to the fullest …  But have the safety measures. I want to thank Vasantha again for her time and effort in answering these questions. 

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