Why I love South Africa: Growing up Day 2

We had a barn/shed and we jumped in the mealie husks (and itched a lot afterwards)

As I mentioned earlier I am going to start with me growing up in South Africa and then move on from there.  I was born in Potchefstroom and grew up in Mafeking. We stayed in town and later on we went to live on a plot is a place called Buhrmannsdrift. It was carefree days of farm living. Going to school and playing in the veldt. It was the days before digital cameras so unfortunately I don’t have a lot of pictures of this time.

I remember waiting for the bus in the mornings to go to school. I remember walking barefoot. But what I remember most is the feeling that I am loved and that I am special.

What I love about South Africa is the fact that you can breathe freely and that there is open space for a child to explore.

31 days

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