The third reason why I love South Africa is the rich heritage that our country has. South Africa is a melting pot of different cultures and people. As this is a 5 minute post I cannot discuss it extensively here. I’ve written a few posts about South African heritage. For this post I’m going to list 5 of my favorite  aspects of South African heritage:

  1. The diversity. Every culture has a different viewpoint and ideas. This is stimulating for good conversations.
  2. The colors. To see everyone in their traditional clothes is a treat.
  3. Heritage sites. There are many heritage sites. (I’ve blogged about some of them.) There is so much to learn and see.
  4. The food. South African food has a rich heritage. With influences from all continents.
  5. Our heritage is growing.  The melting pot is still hot and new ideas and concepts are added every day. We have new visitors every day and each one adds his spice to the mix.

For the next few days I will focus on these points.


31 days

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