A perspective on South Africa all the way from Singapore!

Another blogger friend, Freddy and his wife Jolene, was so kind as to agree to give his perspective on South Africa. They are from Singapore.Enjoy! Question: Why did you decide to come to South Africa?Jolene: When doing research, South Africa proved to satisfy our cravings for the outdoors, nature and wildlife. We liked that there were cities to visit and national parks to retreat to, all within a short flight of one another. 

Freddie: I just received a text one fine day from Jolene to tell me that we are going to Africa and it’ll be fully paid for by her. Well, I got to admit that I was hesitant at first but there really wasn’t much of a reason to say No to a free trip! 

Question: Did you do any research online about South Africa and what where your challenges? What information was hard to find?Jolene: Yes, we did extensive research about safety, currency, tourist attractions and activities. Most information was readily available online and through blog posts by individuals who had travelled to South Africa previously.Freddie: I only did a fair bit of reading at the Airport to find out more about safety and updates on the Ebola crisis. She did the rest of the research. I find it pleasant to not know what to expect because I am surprised everyday! I did however, try to do some reading on recommended places to go to on our next trip to South Africa and most of the sites that were fine when I visited them in SA didn’t seem to be accessible here.Question: What places did you visit in South Africa?Jolene: Our first stop was the Kruger National Park, subsequently we flew into Livingstone, Zambia and ended off in Cape Town.Question What was a highlight on your trip?Jolene: It’

s difficult to pinpoint one highlight, I would say highlights of our trip were having sun-downers by the Crocodile River in the Kruger National Park, swimming in the Devil’s Pool atop the Victoria Falls in Zambia and ascending Cape Point in Cape Town. 

Freddie: Yeah I agree with her. There’s a highlight everyday when we were in South Africa! Spotting Cheetahs eating their hunt, seeing White Lions, feeling small at the top of Table Mountain, watching the Whales check us out and so many more! We are truly blessed to be able to visit South Africa.

Question: What was a disappointment?Jolene: Having to leave was a major disappointment!! Freddie: She got that right! Having to deal with withdrawal symptoms after being back from South Africa is hard!Question: How would you describe the food in South Africa?Jolene: Absolutely fantastic! I like how meals are well-balanced; 1 starch, 1 meat and fibre for every meal. Fruits were sweet and the greens were so fresh. 

Freddie: Like we said in many of our meals “These Chefs can make no mistake!”.

Question: Was it easy to exchange foreign currency?

Jolene: We changed our Singapore Dollar to South African Rand in Singapore and it was hassle free. 

Freddie: It is not commonly traded as we thought it to be but it wasn’t too much of a hassle. We managed to buy the currency in our Business District where there is a good concentration of Money Changers.

Question: Name 5 places in South Africa that you would recommend visitors to South Africa should see.Jolene: The Kruger National Park, Victoria Falls, Table Mountain, Cape Point and Stellenbosch! 

Freddie: I will add Woolworths for the godly pies they have and Two Oceans Restaurant to the list. Hahaha!

Question: Any advice to future visitors to South Africa?Jolene: Start saving because now it will not be your last trip to Africa! Every corner of Africa is magnificently beautiful and breathtaking. We are already planning a trip back in 2015! Freddie: Disconnect yourself from the rest 

of the world for as long as you can. Leave your phones on Airplane mode, spend minimal time on the Internet and enjoy the natural beauty of South Africa. Good time to find yourself so make the best out of it!  I want to thank Freddie and Jolene again for sharing their experiences with us. You can find his blog here. It is worth a visit. 

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