Why I love South Africa: The food Day 8

South African has a rich heritage. With influences from all over the world.

The information about the  history of the origins of South African food much depends on the book you are reading. It is as different as the colours of our rainbow nation.

But thinking about the origins of the food culinary of the different cultures it must also have originated from somewhere. According to historians the Persians under the rule of Cores about 550  before Christ were the leaders and the line followed the path of the conquerors.

The important cultures influencing our food tastes were the Italians, French the Germans and the Dutch. The slaves working in the Cape were taught to cook to their masters taste. For themselves they added their own flavors.


The bread of today will never taste like the bread of way back. They had to grind the grain by hand and used a sweet potato yeast. That was a long procedure to make the yeast and the bread soon got a sour taste. But the families and the appetites were big. They usually baked at least half a dozen a day. The bread was baked in an outdoor oven. The girls in the house usually started early morning.

Bread and beskuit (rusks) recipes are more or less the same. Rusks have added sugar and aniseed.

31 days

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