Skype in the classroom.

This post forms part of the #Road2e2 countdown: 59 Days ’till #e2

I invited the first guest speaker into my classroom in 2017. IT was exciting and nerve wrecking all at the same time. Lucky for me the guest speaker I invited was Surani Maithri and she put me at ease during the test call. The lesson went well and I’ve never looked back!! Hosting a guest speaker in your classroom has a lot of benefits. I’ve been to a dinosaur park in India with my class amongst other exciting trips.

Playing mystery Skype is an awesome experience. There are different versions of the game. What the concept entails is that two teachers connect with each other and decide to play the game. The two classes then connect via Skype (or Teams) and then the class ask the other questions to determine where the other class is. I’ve seen this concept work with all ages of students. It broadens students horizons. 2019’s MSFTGlobalConnect was a highlight for me and I have written about that experience here.

I would love to play Mystery Skype with your class. You can contact me in the comments or on Twitter @AmandaCalitz or @Createandexpand.

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