Sonderwater 2 12.04.05

Building on yesterday’s article and on the #Road2e2 series where I share info about people, events and places that’s come my way on my journey I want to dedicate another post on the people of Sonderwater. I introduced you to this community yesterday.

The community of Sonderwater called me Maspoti. We are not sure why but it could be because I handed out beanies when I started working in Sonderwater. When I arrived in the community you could hear the kids shout “Maspoti!”

Sonderwater 8 12.04.05
We first taught at the Water tower. Here we fed the kids and then gave them lessons.
Sonderwater 6 12.04.05
Later we got a venue at a local church. An American Mission team built a corrugated iron structure for us and here we started a preschool.

In this corrugated iron building we had a preschool in the mornings and needlework classes for the community ladies in the afternoons. The summers where hot and the winters cold but here I learnt that anything is possible. I witnessed miracles here in my own life and in the life of others.

It was during this time that I realized that I am a teacher at heart. So much so that I handed over my work to someone and took a year off to pursue a post graduate diploma in teaching. I would always be thankful to the people of Sonderwater for this realisation.

Sing 25 07 05 3

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Phuti Ragophala

Wow. This is powerful my dear. Proud of you.

Phuti Ragophala

You go girl👌🏻🤗💝💝💝💝💝💝

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