Day 23: Reasons Why I love South Africa: 11 Official Languages: English

The South African English accent is world renowned and it doesn’t matter how hard we try to have a real British accent we cannot manage.

Here’s some South African English words that you might enjoy!

I’ve written a paragraph in South African English.  I’ve included a list of words below. See how much you can understand:

I get into my bakkie and drive to the robot. There I turn left and say ‘ahwe’ to the man next to the road. I really enjoy life in Mzansi. I turn up the volume of the Kwaito playing on my radio. I must make a plan to visit the butchery to get meat for the braai. I hope there wouldn’t be a monekeys wedding this afternoon.

Robots: We say robot for a traffic light.

Bottle store:  a shop where you buy liquor

ag man-  ag as the Afrikaans equivalent to “oh” (pronounced \ach\ like German ACHtung), man pronounced as in English.

antie – an older female authority figure. [Derived from the English “aunt”.]

aweh/awe (pronounced \AAAH-WHERE\ –> not rolling the “R”) – said in excitement, as in: Aweh; my boss said I can go home early today.. The word has many meanings or uses: “hello”, “goodbye”, “yes”. Also associated with prison use. (Greeting) “Aweh, my bru” (Hello my friend).

baas – boss

babelaas / babbelas – hangover (of Zulu origin)

bakgat – cool; expression of appreciation for something very well accomplished

bakkie – a utility truck, pick-up truck, now a mainstream word in South African English. Can also refer to a small container.

dobbel – “gamble”

duidelik – direct from Afrikaans, meaning “clear”; used to express clarity on something or excitement about something.

eksê – from Afrikaans, translated it means “I say”. Used in greeting i.e. “Whakind eksê” or in general speech.

kwaito – popular genre of music, a mixture of South African disco, hip hop, R&B, ragga, and a heavy dose of house-music beats.

moegoe – a fool, idiot or simpleton. For example: “moegoe of the week”

braai- almost like a barbeque. Folow this link to read more about this important event in  every South Africans life. We are going to braai again tomorrow for the Rugby.

mzansi – [from the isiXhosa words, Mzantsi Afrika].) A common term which means South Africa. [Mzansi]

Kombi is a mini van.

Make a plan- from the Afrikaans “maak ‘n plan”

When it rains when the sun shines you call it a monkey’s wedding.

31 days

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