Day 26: 31 Reasons why I love South Africa: Ugie

Ugie is in the mountains of the Eastern Cape. It is a wonderful village with a rich history.

There is a place that stole my heart! From the first time I saw her, walked in it’s streets and felt her charm, It is the village of Ugie. In the Eastern Cape. It is a stones throw from Qunu where Madiba was born. It is a loooong drive to get there but if you make the effort you will not be sorry. It snows in winter and the summers are not too hot. In Ugie you have time for afternoon tea and book clubs. Life is slower there along the (mostly) dirt roads. I’ve spent two years of my life there and made life long friends.  Together I’ve known great joy and great sadness but above all I’ve learnt a bit of what life is about. Do yourself a favour and make the effort to go there. It’s not easily found on the map. Find Bloemfontein, then Aliwal North. Keep going until you find Elliot. If you’ve foun Maclear you are too far…go back a few millimeters then you’ll find Ugie. Some guesthouses to Ugie are on the internet. If you struggle to find accommodation contact me as I might just have a number or two of an old friend or two with a great guesthouse. 🙂


Ugie has it’s own website if you’d like more information.

31 days

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