Mrs Kling

One of my proudest moments as a teacher were when Mrs Kling (a robot that my students built) got recognition. What was special about this project was the fact that we were the underdogs and knew nothing about robots (myself included) and it took a team of 10 kids and 4 teachers to make this happen. We also had the opportunity to test the robot in the Rising Star cave where no one is allowed to go- what a privilege. Read about the cave here.

I am the proudest of the team work that made this happen. As I said before we were all novices but we had a dream and a plan. We spent many afternoons building the robot and experimenting. Tshimo and Retabile were the faces of the project and made the biggest input but around them there were a host of fellow students, teachers, their parents and other adilts that assisted. Here is a newspaper article about us.

My biggest takeaway from this experience is: You are never too old- or too young to learn. I salute everyone that was part of this project especially Tshimo and Retabile. May their stars always shine bright!!!

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