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Nursing Education Postgraduate students embrace game based learning.

I just love my job and interacting with people. One of the awesome groups that I can interact with is the Nursing Education Postgraduate students.…

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Red Cap advanced training

I am ready for Day 2 of 3 of the Red Cap advanced training. It is a deep dive into this research platform. I've only…

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Only a few more sleeps before the #EduDays at @MicrosoftEduSA

The #EduDays that will be hosted in Johannesburg South Africa is next week!! Can't wait to see all my #EdTech friends and make a few…

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Proud to be featured in the WITS Vuvuzela

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#EDUDays 2019

Exciting news!!!! We have the privilege to be invited to this years #EDUDays at the Microsoft Offices in Bryanston next week. Last year was a…

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Nurses can use Minecraft E:E in the classroom

Zelda Laurie and Amanda Calitz created a poster presentation around their experience with game based learning and Minecraft in the classroom. They won the poster…

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Using Minecraft Education Edition In the Undergraduate Occupational Therapy Curriculum at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa

Occupational therapy focuses on promoting health and wellness through the therapeutic use of everyday occupations. Individuals who live in rural less-resourced contexts experience unique challenges…