Webinar on the pedagogy of online and offline Games-based learning

I was thrilled to get the invitation from LearnTech Asia to be a panelist on their upcoming Webinar on 26 August at 5:00 am SAST. I will share the floor with Sonia Michaels and Talitha Amalia. We will share tips on essential features of instructional games, how to use games to improve learners engagement and choosing the right games for classroom and remote teaching Game-based learning best practices.

I am involved in Health Science education and we use game based learning in various courses. I am looking forward to share my experiences with the audience and learn about different percpectives.

Hope to see you there!

Unfortunately the webinar is fully booked but you can watch it live on Facebook.

How Wakelet can be applied in Higher Education.

I recently had a discussion with someone and found myself listing all the uses that Wakelet can have in Higher Education. I thought that I could list them here for the benefit of everyone that reads this post.

Curating information.

A big part of University life is research and academics are always reading and doing research. I find that Wakelet is an awesome tool to curate information (Tweets, YouTube videos, articles) that can be found on the Internet. It is easy to go back to it and helps to eliminate time that was used to look for something.

Create a newsletter or e-mail

When a newsletter is needed for research or a project Wakelet is a great tool to create it. Even when you need to send an e-mail with links and images a Wakelet can be created and then sent to the recipient. I think it makes it more user friendly and is visually more pleasing than a list of links in an e-mail.

Teaching and collaborating.

In Higher Education we teach and collaborate and Wakelet is a great tool to do that too. More than one person can work on a Wakelet together and it is great for information sharing as explained above.

I am sure that there are many other uses of Wakelet in Higher Ed and I would love it if you could share some of them with me in the comments.

I’ve embedded a Wakelet below with examples of the elements that I’ve discussed.