MIEFellow 2020-2021

I received an e-mail a few weeks ago with the great news that I’ve been selected to be a Microsoft In Education Fellow for another year!

I am honored and proud to be given this platform to make an impact in the lives of South African educators- and students. The MIEFellow community work together for the greater good and we share tips and ideas around making South Africa a better place for all.

To become and MIEFellow educators are selected from the MIEExpert programme. To find out more about this programme please sign up at the Microsoft Education Community. You are also welcome to reach out to me on social media using @AmandaCalitz (IM, Linkedin and Twitter) or @Createandexpand on Facebook.

#Road2E2 on hold

I was super excited to have been selected to go to E2 in March 2020 but then Covid-19 hit and all of us had to stay home. We all had to venture into a new reality and remote learning became a reality for many of us.

During the #Road2E2 countdown I’ve met many interesting people while being on the #Road2E2. This is one of the reasons why I enjoy being an #MIEExpert. The camaraderie and that I am part of a greater community and that advice is only a message away.

Having had the opportunity to attend E2 in Singapore in 2018 I was excited to go again. This time as MIE Fellow. A friend that I made through the MIEExpert programme Pauline Maas were also invited and I looked forward with meeting up with her again.

The Covid-19 pandemic caused many events to be cancelled or postponed. I am a firm believer that everything works out the way it should. We need to stay calm and not lean on our own understanding. Please share some of your experiences in the comments.

How to apply to become an MIE Expert

Have you applied to be an MIE Expert yet? If you are not sure how please check out my friend Gizelle’s How to guide or this post.

Being an MIEExpert and MIEFellow have opened up many doors for me. I enjoy interacting with educators from all over the world. I am a mentor to many but am also being mentored in return.

Please apply to join our group. We would love to welcome you.

MIEExpert Applications for 2020-2021 closing on 15 July 2020.

Being an MIEExpert has been one of the most rewarding Professional journeys that I’ve been on and I believe that it is beneficial to any and every educator no matter what age group or subject you teach.

It has opened up career opprtunities for me and has made me a better educator. I would like to encourage you to nominate yourself.

Tips for preparing your application:

1. Join the Microsoft Educator Center and complete your profile. Make sure that you are a Certified MIE to become (or stay) an MIE Expert.

2 When you create your video or Sway that answers the questions be creative, honest and provide evidence (in the form of pictures for example.) Share what your favourite Microsoft technologies are. Sharing is caring- explain in your presentation how you are helping your colleagues to be better teachers and what you plan to do in future.

You can find more infromation in this post from the Microsoft Educator community. I’ve also created a Sway with more info for you. If you need any further assistance feel free to e-mail me at amanda.calitz1@outlook.com

#Road2e2 60 days ’till #e2

See the source image

It is 60 days until I will be in Australia meeting awesome educators from around the world!!

I went to do the biometrics for my Visa today. I am very impressed by the people at the biometrics office.

Friends and colleagues have started responding to my Flipgrid and I appreciate everyone that responded.

It is amazing to witness the excitement of educators and it gives me hope when I see that educators are excited about the students that they teach. As Emma Naas says: The future of the world is in your classroom today.

Find my #Road2e2 journal here.

My #Road2e2 Wakelet is here.

My #Road2e2 @Flipgrid is here.

Please say Hi in the comments.

My #Road2e2 journal

When I heard that I’ve been selected to go to #e2 in Sydney I was overwhelmed and thankful. I am looking forward to meet new friends and meet older ones again at #e2 Since it was announced I’ve been busy trying to connect to fellow conference delegates and I am thrilled that my friend Pauline Maas will represent the Netherlands at the conference. I had the privilege to attend #e2 in 2018 as an #MIEExpert and am looking forward to attend this year’s #e2 as an #MIEFellow.

I will add information to this Sway and Wakelet until 26 March.

Only a few more sleeps before the #EduDays at @MicrosoftEduSA

The #EduDays that will be hosted in Johannesburg South Africa is next week!! Can’t wait to see all my #EdTech friends and make a few new ones.

I have learnt a lot at last year’s event. You can find photo’s from that event here

Become an #MIEExpert today and stand a chance of joining us next year. Find more information about the programme here.

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