Africa has a lot to offer and we would like to share this beauty through Minecraft Education Edition. The idea is to ask educators that are using Minecraft throughout Africa to take part in this project. Matt Hains, Zelda Laurie and Amanda Calitz will manage this project and anyone can participate. The final world will be uploaded to the Minecraft Education Edition website and the #AfriJenga will be used for this project.

This is how it is going to work: 

  • Sign up using the registration form. Complete the form here 
  • You will have a certain amount of time to build and then send the world file back to us and we will send it to the next participant. 
  • Please share information about this project on Social media using the #AfriJenga 

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Nursing Education Postgraduate students embrace game based learning.

I just love my job and interacting with people. One of the awesome groups that I can interact with is the Nursing Education Postgraduate students. They have started a project where they incorporate game based learning #GBL to their studies. Minecraft Education Edition is the chosen platform.

Students are building a chosen system of the body in Minecraft. They will create a specific mission around it for the player to complete.

None of the students have used Minecraft EE before so it is a learning process for everyone. It is great to see how the students learn from each other. Teamwork and collaboration in action.

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Nurses can use Minecraft E:E in the classroom

Zelda Laurie and Amanda Calitz created a poster presentation around their experience with game based learning and Minecraft in the classroom.

They won the poster competition at the ANEC conference hosted by the Nursing Educator Association(NEA) in South Africa. You can visit NEA’s website here.

Using Minecraft Education Edition In the Undergraduate Occupational Therapy Curriculum at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa

Occupational therapy focuses on promoting health and wellness through the therapeutic use of everyday occupations. Individuals who live in rural less-resourced contexts experience unique challenges with daily tasks such as bathing, cooking and doing laundry, as amenities such as water and electricity are frequently not easily available. Occupational Therapy students are currently trained to assess the occupational needs of communities using Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA) techniques, including transect walks and community mapping.  To assist the students with the preparation for their community work a rural village in Minecraft Education Edition was created.  Students had time to navigate through the world and see what a rural dweller needs to go through daily to fetch water.

The game creators were challenged by the fact that a lot of the materials that they needed to build an authentic rural village with wasn’t available in Minecraft and the Resource packs needed to be edited to fill the needs of the building. For example, a roof made from sheets of corrugated iron needed to be developed.

The students immersed themselves in the game and associated with Arabang, the main character. As many students grew up in cities and are unfamiliar with the demands of rural lifestyles, it is hoped that exposure to a simulated rural Minecraft world will contribute to preparing them to deliver contextually relevant occupational therapy services.

The project lead is: Jennifer McAdam  @jennife08118989 and the lead game creator is Amanda Calitz. @AmandaCalitz

The project was done at the #Wits_eZone and @eFundanathi was very supportive.

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