#MSFTEduchat Sticky Notes!

It was announced recently that #MSFTEduchat Sticky Notes are available. Follow this link to create your own. I am so excited about this that I decided to create a video of me creating my first sticky note. I would like to encourage you to create one too and share it with the world. Remember to use #MSFTEduChat in all your Tweets.

#MSFTEduChat TweetMeets are monthly, global, multilingual chats by @MicrosoftEDU to connect educators. These chats are one of the highlights of my month.

Join us on 21 January for the first TweetMeet of 2019. It is your chance to connect with educators from all over the world and share ideas. The theme of this month is Devices for student success.

Still not convinced? Take a look at my journey from learning about #MSFTEduChat until I became a host for the first time in December 2018:

How to create a TweetMeet friend card.

Twitter can be a powerful tool and you can find information about almost any topic on earth by following # ‘s One of the #’s that has been the most beneficial on my journey is #MSFTEduchat It is the # of a monthly TweetMeet.

The chat is an hour long and educators from all over the world take part. I enjoy the collaboration and great spirit amongst these educators and can recommend it to everyone. No matter who you are or where you are- you are invited!

I have included a Wakelet at the bottom of this page with Tweets that share all the excitement and opportunities that the #MSFTEduchat has to offer.

If you are as inspired as I am please create your own TweetMeet friend card. You can find the instructions below.


Tweet your friend card and tag @createandexpand I would love to see your creations.

Join us for the #Bestof2019 chat

One of the highlights of each month is the #MSFTEduChat sessions hosted on Twitter. In December we are celebrating 2019 with the #Bestof2019 chat.

Please join us and if you are on holiday at that time please schedule tweets. I a have compiled the Wakelet below with more information.

Looking forward to chatting with you on 15 December at 20h00 SAST. For more information you are welcome to leave a comment or to search #MSFTEduChat on Twitter.

Future ready skills

This month’s #msfteduchat focuses on future ready skills But what are they? I ask myself this question every day. How can we prepare for the future? How can we prepare the people around us for this? There seems to be more questions that answers.

This can cause a lot of anxiety and individuals can feel that they will never be ready.

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I believe that there is no need for stress and anxiety. We will all arrive in “the future” in one piece. We shouldn’t lose sight of the fact that the “now” is also important. In the end we only have the here and the now so let’s make the best of it. Love your family and friends. Learn to collaborate- in my opinion collaboration will be one of the most important tools of the future.

Join the #MSFTEduChat on 19 November and share your thoughts and ideas with us.

I have created this Wakelet with some tips and ideas around future ready skills.