Have you been to Surfschool?

Wakelet has probably been my best discovery of 2019. It is an awesome tool that is used to curate content in a user friendly way. With the new Surf school that officially opened last night it’s going to be even easier and more fun.

I use Wakelet every day either for research or in classes that I teach. I also include a Wakelet in most of my blog posts.

You are invited to ride the #Wakeletwave with me and become part of the Wakelet family.

For more info contact me or visit www.wakelet.com


A collection of my Wakelets can be found here

See you in the Surf!!

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#Road2e2 60 days ’till #e2

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It is 60 days until I will be in Australia meeting awesome educators from around the world!!

I went to do the biometrics for my Visa today. I am very impressed by the people at the biometrics office.

Friends and colleagues have started responding to my Flipgrid and I appreciate everyone that responded.

It is amazing to witness the excitement of educators and it gives me hope when I see that educators are excited about the students that they teach. As Emma Naas says: The future of the world is in your classroom today.

Find my #Road2e2 journal here.

My #Road2e2 Wakelet is here.

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Future ready skills

This month’s #msfteduchat focuses on future ready skills But what are they? I ask myself this question every day. How can we prepare for the future? How can we prepare the people around us for this? There seems to be more questions that answers.

This can cause a lot of anxiety and individuals can feel that they will never be ready.

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I believe that there is no need for stress and anxiety. We will all arrive in “the future” in one piece. We shouldn’t lose sight of the fact that the “now” is also important. In the end we only have the here and the now so let’s make the best of it. Love your family and friends. Learn to collaborate- in my opinion collaboration will be one of the most important tools of the future.

Join the #MSFTEduChat on 19 November and share your thoughts and ideas with us.

I have created this Wakelet with some tips and ideas around future ready skills.

How Wakelet can be applied in Higher Education.

I recently had a discussion with someone and found myself listing all the uses that Wakelet can have in Higher Education. I thought that I could list them here for the benefit of everyone that reads this post.

Curating information.

A big part of University life is research and academics are always reading and doing research. I find that Wakelet is an awesome tool to curate information (Tweets, YouTube videos, articles) that can be found on the Internet. It is easy to go back to it and helps to eliminate time that was used to look for something.

Create a newsletter or e-mail

When a newsletter is needed for research or a project Wakelet is a great tool to create it. Even when you need to send an e-mail with links and images a Wakelet can be created and then sent to the recipient. I think it makes it more user friendly and is visually more pleasing than a list of links in an e-mail.

Teaching and collaborating.

In Higher Education we teach and collaborate and Wakelet is a great tool to do that too. More than one person can work on a Wakelet together and it is great for information sharing as explained above.

I am sure that there are many other uses of Wakelet in Higher Ed and I would love it if you could share some of them with me in the comments.

I’ve embedded a Wakelet below with examples of the elements that I’ve discussed.