An educator in South Africa

My name is Amanda Calitz and I have a keen interest in game based learning and gamification. I am currently working in the field of health sciences education.
I grew up in Mafikeng, Bophuthatswana, South Africa and went to High School and University in Potchefstroom. After being a teacher for 13 years I joined WITS University last year. I have taught students from 4 years old- Post Graduate students. These students came from rural, inner city and township areas. I taught in private and public schools. I am currently a lecturer at WITS as well as a Masters of Health Science Education Student at WITS focusing on Game Based Learning. I am a Microsoft in Education Expert, Microsoft In Education Fellow, Microsoft in Education Expert Trainer and is part of the Global Minecraft Mentor Program. I believe that people need to be met where they are and she loves to see the spark in someone’s eye when they ‘get’ something for the first time.

South Africa is a vibrant country full of surprises and challenges. Part of this blog will be dedicated to experiences that I’ve had over the last 12+ years in education.

I’m also including travel in Africa as a topic in this blog because I LOVE traveling and I want to introduce others to the beautiful continent that I live on. As part of the #AfriJenga project I’ve included a lot of pictures in the posts.

Welcome and make yourself comfortable. It there is anything that you’d like to ask please do.

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