#Mondaygameday eSports

eSports or electronic sports takes video games that people play already and places it in a competitive space. eSports are taking the world by storm and is a multi million rand business.. As a firm believer that play is the highest form of research I am convinced that eSports have a place in society to entertain and educate.

eSports can be used to teach the skills that students would need in the future world of work. These skills include collaboration, resilience and self regulation. The opportunities created in gaming are endless.

eSports in South Africa are also taking off with games like Fifa and Counterstrike being very popular. There are eSports tournaments in South Africa. as well as numerous eSports teams.

If you want to read more about eSports and eSports in South Africa I highly recommend that you visit TechGirl’s blog- she’s done awesome work in the field of eSports.

I have curated a Wakelet with Tweets, Videos and articles focusing on eSports.

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