Siege of Mafikeng: Soldiers

The following is a list of names of British Soldiers known to defend Mafikeng as on May 17, 1900. The list was taken out of a Mafikeng Mail Bechuanaland RiflesNominal Roll as at May 17, 1900 Capt. B W COWANLieut. GemmellLieut. Minchin2nd Lieut. McKennaChapl Capt. WeekesSurg Lieut. HayesQMS HallSergt-Maj. GwynneSergt ReidSergt O HuldeSergt BellSergt CookeSergt […]

People of the siege of Mafikeng (2)

Baden Powell got his fame from two totally differently accomplishments. While he were serving in the British Army during the Boer War (1899-1902), he led the defense of Mafikeng for 217 day’s against a greatly outnumbered 1,200 Boers he became a hero. In 1907 when Baden-Powell learned that his text book ‘Aids to scouting’ (1899) […]

Money and stamps during the Siege of Mafikeng

Surely the normal monetary and postal system of the time existed during these time. But to understand why it was changed is closely knit with the understanding of Baden-Powell. Please read the biography of Baden Powell to understand better. It is open for discussion if his popularity has gone to his head. He received many […]

Medical supplies during the Siege of Mafikeng

Medical supplies during the Siege of Mafikeng were readily available at the beginning of the war but not for long. In the veldt especially the Boers had to rely on the knowledge passed on from generation to generation using plants from the veldt. Usually every household had a little container where they kept their medicines. […]