Day 12: Why I love South Africa: So many places to visit: Kaapse Hoop

Kaapse Hoop (or Kaapsche Hoop) is a misty town in Mpumalanga, South Africa. It is close to Nelspruit. I’ve visited this town only once but surely hope to be back soon! When you drive to this town you drive past plantations and the closer you get the more misty it becomes. Gold was discovered in the […]

Why I love South Africa: So many places to visit: Kruger National Park Day 11

The Kruger National Park is a must see in South Africa. I’ve last visited this park in 2011. I’d like to share some of the pictures that I took on that trip. I have many more pictures of my visit but will share it at a later stage, Hope you enjoyed the visit to the […]

Day 9 Why I love South Africa: So many places to visit: Cape Town

I’ve been to Cape Town a few times and every time it as an enjoyable experience. The first time I went to Cape Town was in 1994 with my parents. We went by train it was then called the Trans Karoo. (Today it’s called the Shozaloza mile). There is and old Afrikaans song about it […]

Why I love South Africa: Heritage sites Day 6

According to the Colins English dictionary a heritage site is a: noun. a historical site, a building, or an area of the unspoilt natural environment, considered to be important to a country or area’s heritage. a world heritage site a site of international importance. South Africa has many heritage sites. If you Google “South African Heritage […]

Why I love South Africa: Diversity Day 4

I love South Africa because of it’s diversity. Both the landscape, the food  and the people. I’ve included some pictures to show you the diversity of this beautiful country! Because this is only a 5 min post for Nester’s 31 day blog challenge please click here for more that I’ve written about South Africa’s diversity. […]